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ATV Bakery Inc.

111136 South Third Street Reading, Pa 19602   Phone: 1 800 422-8364   Local: 610 374-5577   Fax: 610 374-5930

Our retail store  is open Sunday through Friday 7am - 8pm and Saturday 7am - 3pm.

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About us

ATV Bakery is a long-standing family business that truly embodies the American dream. In the early 1900's, Paolo Alberti came to America from Palermo, Sicily and opened "Alberti's Bakery". For many years, the Albert's competed with two other Sicilian bakers; Tomasi and Vecchio. After some time, Paolo's son, Joe, decided to join forces and in 1941, ATV Bakery was born. Vecchio sold his stocks in the 50's and Tomasi retired in 2004, leaving the operations solely to the Albert family. Now, over seventy years and four generations later, we have been supplying our customers with the same original-recipe, hearth-baked breads and rolls that Paolo brought over from Sicily, along with his dream.

ATV Bakery Inc. has become known and trusted as "the" bakers of the highest quality breads and rolls available. With a very sacred and cherished history, our passion and quality in the Italian bakery business has only increased over time and we plan on keeping this historic part of Reading thriving for many years to come. We invite you to join our baking family!

Founder Joseph Albert
and son Paul

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